Why France?

Pourprio runs its business entirely from France.  The company was set-up in France in 2010 and operates all its services out of France.  Why?  Because the country offers a safe and stable environment for our clients in addition to other benefits:

Talent: highly skilled and specialized workforce, familiar with world-class operating excellence standards, with access to expert support when and where needed.

Connectivity: France is the European gateway to Africa and the Middle-East. It is also one hop away from the American continent and hubs traffic between the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Hispanic peninsula, Southern and Central Europe.

Legislation and data protection: unlike other western countries, France does not allow the capture or blocking of data without prior legal proceedings under any circumstances, even in matters of national security. French legislation holds data confidentiality and privacy in very high regard.

Public infrastructure: France has one of the most advanced public telecommunications infrastructures in Europe.  It also displays the highest level of collaboration from the public sector in readily sharing its infrastructure with the private sector, allowing companies like Pourprio to tap into a wealth of connectivity and redundancy options.

Geographical and political stability: Far from tectonic fault lines and political turmoil, France is one of the safest countries from a geopolitical as well as from a purely geographical perspective.  Furthermore, Pourprio carefully selects its datacenter locations far from waterfronts, high power lines, flight routes, etc. yet conveniently close to major transportation hubs and channels.

Environment: Pourprio strives to keep a balanced, minimal impact on the environment.  Thanks to France’s green initiatives in utilities, recycling, and transportation systems, we ensure that our operations are always in harmony with the environment and the resources we use (power, etc.) are carefully generated and make for a greener tomorrow.

Costs: with power being the main OPEX in today’s operations, France has the advantage of providing the least expensive and the lowest emissions for industrial electrification mains power throughout Europe .  This translates into lower operations and maintenance costs for us that are passed directly to you through lower rates.